The Joys of Smoking: Clean Indoor Air and the History and Future of Teen Smoking Cessation

First Created for The Art of Family Medicine
 September 7th, 2001
Ramada Inn and Conference Center
Wausau, Wisconsin

REVISED 1-28-2005

PowerPoint on California Data PowerPoint on New York Data
Lawrence  Kansas Mayor's Report Lawrence Kansas Ordinance Lawrence Kansas Stories Lawrence Petition Invalid
Clean Air Helps Business Clean Air Helps More Businesses Tobacco Lobby Data Paying For Research


Art Work

Wisconsin News Articles

Action on Smoking and Health

Tobacco Buying Research Stallone Is Bought The Stallone Deal Verification
Allies and Fronts Enforcement and other issues Clearing the Air Direct Legislation
Beer Sales Down British Beer Consumption Down Beverage Daily dot Com Post Boomers are Different

See how Tobacco Industry Pays for Research

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Ventilation Hoax

Fake Economics


Participants will:

review the history of physician support for tobacco use

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How did they hook women into smoking?

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review the early recognition of the problems associated with tobacco use 

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A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians

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Healthy People

review the use of nicotine replacement products

nicotine polacrilex  (gum)

transdermal patch


Nicoderm CQ patch, effective nicotine replacement therapy.

Habitrol Stop Smoking Center

nasal spray






review the use of products that block the nicotine receptor sites
Before 1st Drag on Cigarette   5 minutes after one drag
Zyban - Click for 3D structure


ZYBAN, a short video,
and other resources for people who work with kids

To find out which famous movie star was paid a large sum of money to smoke in feature films, CLICK HERE

Smoking Causes Wrinkles Smoking and Smell Kids Talk about Smoking
University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (CTRI) Hettler on History and Future of Smoking Cessation -- FIXME Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence

Clinical Practice Guidelines


CNN defines role of advertising in teen smoking

Joe Camel

Portage County Resource Pages:

Other useful sites:

Wisconsin Smoking Data

CNN discusses smoking behavior among teen girls

James Prochaska, Ph.D.
Stages of Change Presentation


Smoking: Self-Efficacy / Temptation

Smoking: Processes of Change
Smoking: Decisional Balance

Smoking: Stage of Change (Short Form)





It is easier to promote wellness than it is to fight worseness.


Web Based Resources

The Meaning
 of Life

Hettler At NWC 1998

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LifeScan TM LiveWell TM Stress Assess TM

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Most of us grew up in a real landscape.  As Richard Keeling has said, "The students of today are growing up in a Datascape." Gates wrote the book "Business at the Speed of Thought."  Just in time education could be here soon.

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