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Patient Education

Chat Rooms

Patients need a way to evaluate the quality and accuracy of materials on the Internet as well as other media. One source for this assistance is:
Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health (SciPICH)

The Mayo Clinic has been investing in developing a high quality patient education web site system. After an initial effort at having an e-mail the nurse system, they have settled on an excellent system.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis

There is a  weekly radio program produced by medical students at Stanford University.

Doc Talk


Self help groups are often helpful for families that are experiencing very rare disorders.  The movie, Lorenzo's Oil, although an exaggeration, can open the eyes of pediatricians to the power of the self-help movement.For help in finding self-help groups help youself to this site:

Self-Help Sourcebook
enough help?

These Clinical Practice Guidelines were developed with the support of the Agency for Health
Care Policy and Research (AHCPR), an agency of the Public Health Service, U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services.



The Disease Management Forum offers a wide variety of services. Wide ranging discussions are common here.

Disease Management Forum

For a comprehensive listing of online support groups:

Disorders and Treatments

Library of Brochures
and Fact Sheets and
Book Excerpts

American Academy of Pediatrics

This site offers some 200 online chats. You can search by time or subject.

Talk City

Another excellent mental health site is:

Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page

You have seen the ads for the Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, Colorado on TV.  This site has an enormous amount of information.

Pueblo, CO
Consumer Information Center


America On-line has one of the oldest and most robust chat systems on the Internet.  You can find a large number of scheduled chat rooms on common and rare disorders. Many professionals volunteer their time to provide accurate resource information to these groups. members only



The explosion of interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine has lead to enormous expenditures world-wide. One of the most popular physician sites is:

ask Dr. Weil

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, Complete Home Medical Guide

CPMC Physician Referral Line

Sample's from this week!
6:00 pm
Baby's Health - now that you have your precious bundle, how do you care for your baby? Discover what works and what doesn't. Java Chat. BabyCenter.add
8:00 pm
Eating Disorders Support - chat with others about the disorder. IRC. Mental Health Net.add

Nutrition information on the web is as confusing as it is plentiful. One of my favorite web sites for those interested in eating lower on the food chain is:

Veggies Unite!

All of the information within has been written and
reviewed by the physicians and patient education professionals at the
American Academy of Family Physicians.

MSN and Prodigy have both had success in attracting Chat participants for medical issues. Merger mania may affect these two member only services.