The Internet and Electronic Resources for Pediatricians


Using the Internet to integrate your services with complementary community resources.

Imagine the number of patients you see in a busy week.   Imagine how you might be better able to assist them in managing their most important health concerns  if your clinic was connected, at least electronically,   with all the other resources that might be of benefit to your patients.  How many children do you see every week that could benefit from having access to the fitness activities available at youth agencies and after school programs.

Now imagine creating friendly, electronic connections with those same agencies, so that you are linked from their facility.  Initially these links don't have to be electronic.   A simple paper flyer that connects your services to them and a reciprocal system can be a win/win situation.

Listed below are just a few suggestions for your consideration.   Remember, "Children First" is the battle cry!

Develop a relationship with the PTA in your area.  Make pages that link to their pages.   Here are the links to:

a local PTSA,
and the
National PTA.

Many communities have YMCA's, YWCA's, Boy's and Girl's Clubs, YMHA's, Recreation Departments, Camps, etc.

YMCA of the USA

A local YMCA

Camps are another place to connect.

Imagine creating a sports medicine information system to cater to the students involved in extracurricular sports.  Topics that you might want to include could be getting ready for the season, stretching as a way to reduce injuries, and eating for optimal athletic performance.


Public health departments, social service agencies, family services groups, schools and other organizations that relate to children and families might be linked electronically to your practice. Imagine the most creative use of information and referral connections. Help create an electronic net that will help those families and children who are currently falling through the cracks.