Voice to Text


During a recent staff meeting I was attempting to demonstrate the newest version of Dragon Systems, Naturally Speaking Preferred. As each person came into the room, I would speak their name into the headset microphone. Some names needed correction. After I corrected the name, the system would get the name right the next time I tried it. I was so pleased with how well it was working! Then John came in the room.

You can imagine my shock when I clearly pronounced, "John Betinis" and on the computer screen, which I was projecting to  wall size appeared……. John the penis.

It will be a long time before I forget that experience.

Betinis.jpg (35756 bytes)

          The Real John Betinis


Our local emergency room uses a voice to text system. One day we got a report that included the following text,


"Patient complains of having gradual loss of consciousness lasting 1 minutes approximately 30 minutes prior to arrival. Prior to the episode the patient was getting up from a cough and stained his ankle and was getting dizzy and passed out. It then happened again shortly after gettin gupo again."


There is a tendency for certain personality types to not see details as closely as others. If you know what you are saying, and don't have the detail consciousness chip in your head, there is a danger that you won't notice errors in the dictation if it generally seems accurate.

If you are not a detail person, you might want to hire someone who is to assist you with those tasks that would make a difference.


If you don't know your type, here is a place you can find it. A chance to find yourself. I bet that's just what you always wanted.


The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II